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Saturday, Aug 24, 2013
Category: Live from the Ranch

Just like any business, we must key in on inefficiencies and fix them to spend as little time on each thing as possible. Our water trough system in our pastures is one the inefficiencies currently. We have water troughs located on the border between two or sometimes three pastures. When we move cattle from one pasture to the next, we have to go around and move the welded wire panels from one side of the trough to the other and the way in which we hold the panels in place makes for a time consuming process. The system evolved into this time-eating monster because of our shift a few years ago from cattle to bison. We used to have very mobile cables that were moved from one side of the trough to the other quickly and easily. When we started running bison in our cattle pastures, the cables were no longer effective and a quick fix was to haul out all these welded wire panels and wire them in place against t-posts.  For now, we have gone back to cattle but our system is not easily changed back to the cable setup. There is a possibility of changing back to bison this fall so next week we will be installing quite a few cedar posts which will considerably cut down the time and hassle while still utilizing the very stable welded panels. There are many projects on the list but this one takes priority because we will immediately be rewarded by a whole lot of extra time to spend on other tasks.

Posted by Jeff G. on 08/24/2013
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