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Hayes Carll with special guest Joe Pug in concert!
Category: Live from the Ranch
We are beginning our final preparations for Hayes Carll and Joe Pug in concert at Chico Basin Ranch on August 2nd.  We’ve been in cahoots with Duke, Jonathan and Brent from Chico to make sure that the stage is ready to go,  the fire pit is dug and the ranch staff are pumped up for the concert.  We cannot wait to see everyone there for a great evening of music, food and community!

Posted by Sam M. on 07/25/2012

Gordon the Orphan UPdate
Category: Live from the Ranch

In May, Gordon was brought to the corrals because he had been abandoned by his mother.  We are happy to announce that Gordon is growing up to be an adorable, young bison.  He has made friends with all of the staff and many guests as well.  We are continuing to feed him a bottle twice a day as well as hay and feed.  He spends most of his days running through his 1-acre pasture and relaxing in the sunshine.
Posted by Sam M. on 07/14/2012

4th of July Camping
Category: Live from the Ranch

Although we had a little bit of wet weather, that didn't dampen our spirits.  We had a very successful camping adventure and were even able to see fireworks 40 miles away!

Posted by Sam M. on 07/05/2012

4th of July Camping
Category: Live from the Ranch
To celebrate the 4th of July, we are taking the guests on a camping trip to the Medano.  We are packing food, shelter and other essentials in a horse-drawn wagon and venture into the bison pasture.  Tonight’s dinner will consist of bison burgers and Mike’s homemade pasta salad and coleslaw.  At sunset, the bison herds and elk keeping us company until the Alamosa fireworks begin.  When it becomes dark, we will enjoy the fireworks and have a peaceful evening under the stars.
Posted by Sam M. on 07/04/2012

Whitewater Rafting - Salida, CO
Category: Live from the Ranch

On Monday, the Zapata crew ventured to Salida for a white water rafting trip.  We spent three hours on the Arkansas River basking in the sun and battling some level 3 rapids.  We even ventured away from the raft to do a little cliff diving and river floating.  
Posted by Sam M. on 06/27/2012

First Bear Spotting
Category: Live from the Ranch

It’s that time of year that the black bears begin appearing around the Valley.  Yesterday, we spotted this cub out our office window.  He was roaming around the back of the Bunkhouse taking in all the scenery.  Most of our guests were able to spot him playing in the sprinkler and venturing off into the woods.  It’s surprises like these that remind us how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful place.   
Posted by Sam M. on 06/20/2012

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