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Ride to Crestone
Category: Live from the Ranch
 Yesterday, Anna, our new wrangler from Australia, and I rode to Crestone from the Sand Dunes with 5 guests. On a trail I knew well in parts, others I had seen once whilst riding in the mountains as a child with my dad and brother and many bits I did not know at all, we set off on an exciting 8 hours. We set off at the beginning of the trail at 9 on the dot and with just one little wrong turn up a canyon about a mile, we rode into Crestone at a gallop to meet Danielle and the trailer to take us home around 5:00. It was a beautiful ride shared with great company and for some of us, a highlight of our riding experience. 
Posted by Julie P. on 07/07/2012

New Friend
Category: Live from the Ranch
 Yesterday, Malia (6), conquered her fear of horses and made best friends with Fred. We originally had a horse for her to ride by herself but a fear of its height and the chance of it falling on her hindered her from riding by herself. No problem there, she rode in front of me on my saddle and by the end was steering us home, swatting flies off "Freddy's" neck, all the while giving him reassuring scratches wherever she could get her hands. I for one am glad she faced this challenge and rode with me on one of the chattiest, happiest and silliest rides I have ever had.
Posted by Julie P. on 06/23/2012

Black Jack
Category: Live from the Ranch
I have been given a project this summer. His name is Black Jack. He is a tall, sleek black, gelding with a blaze that looks a bit like an odd shaped heart at the top. For as big as he is, Black Jack is convinced everything, sticks, shadows, deer, sand moving in the wind and even me is a horrible monster out to get him. I always make sure to grab a handful of treats before I go out on a ride so I can overtime bribe him into liking and trusting me. Lately I have been noticing him peeking at me while I am in the corrals in the morning catching other horses but when I catch him looking he always quickly looks away... I think my bribes are working. 
Posted by Julie P. on 05/25/2012

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