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Live from the Ranch

This is the official Ranch Journal, a collection of short reports about daily life on the ranch. Postings are made by all ranch staff, but mostly by Tess Leach & Kate Matheson, Guest Services Managers, David Leach, Business & Marketing Manager and Jeff Gossage, Ranch Manager. (Banner photo 3 by Stephen Weaver)

Zapata Ranch Mares
This evening we drove the mares out to the meadow. The colts trotted along side their mothers out to the knee high meadow grass. This time of year the grass blows in waves across the ground, and far off rain storms sweep the valley. Our new heard of mares are much welcomed and all of us buzz with excitement as our horse program grows and grows. The only one not happy about the mares trotting off to green pastures was Tiny the new ranch stud he was not nearly as enthused to say the least....I almost forgot to mention we had a coyote pup that came out to play as we trotted past his den with the mares, he came out  yipped and hollered as we went by and ran along right next to us for a while and then went back to his den. Till next time, happy trails. -Dan-
Posted by Anonymous A. on 07/26/2009

Saturday, Jul 25, 2009
For the last ten days or so Regin and his family were gone on an epic roadtrip. Oregon was the destination to pick up a few broodmares with babies, yearlings and even a stud. Early Thursday morning (around 2 am) the trucks pulled in loaded with the new horses. Dan was so excited that he ran to the corrals when heard the diesel roaring down the driveway. Dan and I had spent much of the evening preparing pens with feed and water so everything could settle into their new home with ease. We helped Regin and Tanya unload, intorducing everyone to their new, temporary homes. The foals nursed, mares munched hay and Tiny, the stallion, enjoyed his solitude.
I'll try to get out and take a few pictures of the new additions to the herd.
Posted by Anonymous A. on 07/25/2009

Afternoon Shower
Regin handed me his camera the other day to download his pictures.   I loved this one of guests caught in an afternoon shower on the Dunes.   In another part of the world they might have been riding camels.
Posted by Anonymous A. on 07/19/2009

Friday, Jul 10, 2009
I just returned from branding at our sister ranch, Chico Basin, today. We camped out for two nights. The picture is sunset on the first night. That evening was almost too perfect for words. There is NOTHING like sitting around a campfire, visiting with friends and sleeping under the stars. Throughout the branding season we will offer the chance for our guests to go with us to brand at Chico. This time Karin and John took us up on the offer. I cannot speak for them but they sure seemed to enjoy themselves.
Posted by Anonymous A. on 07/10/2009

Can you remember the last time you were going about your day and saw something so special it made you stop in your tracks and completely lose yourself in the moment?  It was one of those moments for me the other night.    I was outside my home here on the ranch, going about the evening chores, thinking about the day when I looked up and saw six buck deer lying in the grass.  All I could see was heads, their antlers in velvet, their bodies hidden by the tall grass.   The golden light of the sunset lit them from behind but it seemed like they glowed from within.   I stood there in awe while the bucks and I watched each other, for a few minutes forgetting everything but the wonder of nature.
Posted by Anonymous A. on 07/08/2009

Day at the Medano
We had a great ride over at the Medano the other day. The breeding season is in the early stages, and the bulls are coming in from all corners of the ranch. Elk and bison alike are fat and happy in the tall green summer grass.
Posted by Anonymous A. on 07/05/2009

Friday, Jul 03, 2009
Mike's ribs are incredible. I'm not talking about the ribs you squeeze to make him giggle like the Pillsbury Doughboy. I'm talking about the most tender, subtley sweet pork ribs you have ever tasted. Mike spoiled us last night with maple bourbon ribs, baked beans and baked macaroni 'n' cheese then topped off the meal with pumpkin pie. That man is my stomach's hero!
Posted by Anonymous A. on 07/03/2009

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