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Live from the Ranch

This is the official Ranch Journal, a collection of short reports about daily life on the ranch. Postings are made by all ranch staff, but mostly by Tess Leach & Kate Matheson, Guest Services Managers, David Leach, Business & Marketing Manager and Jeff Gossage, Ranch Manager. (Banner photo 3 by Stephen Weaver)

Monday, Jun 29, 2009
We had a great day today. There were three things that we had to do today. Get yearlings back in, gather bulls and bring in the dry cows. I anticaped a good day that we would return around 3 pm. Every once in a while something magical happens and everything goes smooth. What I expected to take seven hours took about four and we were back to the HQ by noon. What a great feeling!!!
Posted by Anonymous A. on 06/29/2009

Sunday, Jun 28, 2009
Take a look at this...
Thursday the clouds rolled in and the heavens opened up. I was so amazed at the amount of water pouring down that I took a picture of the rain gauge. In one afternoon we got an inch of rain. This is the kind of moisture that makes a year for grass. Here it is three days later and the ground is still soft from all that good rain. Afterwards the clouds broke free a little and the top of Mt. Blanca peaked through while the base was still hidden by heavy clouds.  
Moments after the rain stopped the horses came galluping into the meadow of the Church pasture and started playing. It was awesome to watch them splash through the puddles like a kid with a new pair of galoshes who had been stuck inside all day.
Posted by Anonymous A. on 06/28/2009

Thursday, Jun 18, 2009
Holy cow! Two weeks feels like two days. The week before last Dan and I pulled into the ranch after a great week of riding and learning at Buck Brannaman's spread in WY. Early the next morning was my first official day on the Zapata Ranch crew. It has been a whirlwind of colts, calves and cookies since. Oh the places we will go...with our horses, horsemanship and stockmanship. Not to mention what we will go through to taste one of Mike's cookies!
Posted by Anonymous A. on 06/18/2009

Wednesday, Jun 17, 2009
Last week was quite a time, We had Ricky Quinn at the ranch for a horsemanship clinic. Ricky travels the country teaching people about horse/stockmanship. He spent the week sharing his knowledge with us and we were glad for the opportunity to work on our skills and understanding of the four legged. It sprinkled a bit on us off and on last week, but you wont hear to many ranchers complain about rain.  Despite the moisture we had a great week toped off by branding calves, riding a few colts, and meeting some interesting new folks. Ricky is already planning to come to the ranch again in the fall and twice next year, we can't wait to see him again.
  With all the spring moisture, fat calves, and healthy yearlings, we are headed for a decent summer we hope to see you all for the summer cattle drives, and also want to thank all of our guests so far this year for sharing the land and livestock with us.
Happy trails, -Dan-
Posted by Anonymous A. on 06/17/2009

Wednesday, Jun 17, 2009
Things are really nice on the ranch today. The sky is clear blue, the grass is green from all of the rain and there is just enough of a breeze to keep the bugs off. That is the only downfall of having so much rain...the bugs. There are times when we get into a swarm of mosquitos that we wonder if they are going to carry us off. I guess that is why bug spray was invented. If you are coming in the next few weeks be sure to bring some spray, but we always have it on hand if you forget.

I read a neat quote recently that I think speaks true...especially here at the ranch. "If you are seeking creative ideas, go out walking. Angels whisper to a man when he goes for a walk." -Raymond Inmon
Posted by Anonymous A. on 06/17/2009

Friday, Jun 12, 2009
WOW! I cannot believe that it has been ten days since my last post. Time flyes when you are having fun. We have had a great week of ranch work, horseback riding and horsemanship instruction with Ricky Quinn.

On Tuesday we had to move the bulls home to get ready to turn them out with the cows and we ran into three seperate herds of elk; totalling around fifty head. They are real flighty animals but curious at the same time. We were trotting directly towards them and they would run a ways than stop and watch us, than run a ways and stop again. They continued this until we rode right past them. It was rather humerous.

We had our annual branding yesterday and today I heard reports of folks finding their "branding muscles". Branding is my favorite event of the year. It is special to me because it is a large group of people, all working together to complete a large task while having fun, laughing and enjoying the moment. It is hard work but at the end it is satisfying to see the job done and enjoy a good lunch while telling stories and poking fun at one another.
Posted by Anonymous A. on 06/12/2009

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