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Live from the Ranch

This is the official Ranch Journal, a collection of short reports about daily life on the ranch. Postings are made by all ranch staff, but mostly by Tess Leach & Kate Matheson, Guest Services Managers, David Leach, Business & Marketing Manager and Jeff Gossage, Ranch Manager. (Banner photo 3 by Stephen Weaver)

Monday, Jan 28, 2008
Correction on the picture once again.  After looking into it further we found out that it is a bobcat and not a lynx.  Some bobcats resemble a lynx and the only sure way to tell is the tail.  The second picture Regin took shows the tail and it's got a little white tip on it, therefor making it a bobcat.  
Blake, Regin and I set up the big tent on Friday.  Over the next couple of weeks we will get all the necessities out to the camp like wood stoves, cook stoves, water containers etc.  It's set up in a beautiful spot on Sand Creek and is close to where the cattle are.  We will use it to monitor the fence and cattle and will be especially useful when we start calving in late March.  We are hoping some of you folks can join us.   
Posted by Jeff G. on 01/28/2008

Saturday, Jan 26, 2008
Hi everybody-
I learned a neat bit of information that I wanted to pass along to you all. The picture that I said was a bobcat is not. It is a Canadian (also known as North American) Lynx. We have both. We have been trying to get a good picture of the bobcat but have not had any luck. It is darker in color and smaller than the lynx. Blake is the one who told me that he thought this was a lynx so I looked it up on the internet. The main attribute that makes a lynx stand out is the black tufts of hair that are on its' ears. We also identified the kind of fox that lives here. It is a Kit fox. I will post pictures when I get them. Bye all.
Posted by Anonymous A. on 01/26/2008

Thursday, Jan 24, 2008

The last couple of days have been pretty uneventful. Yesterday I did some repair work on the corrals and put in a walk through gate at the saddlehouse. Today was office day, however even going to the office can have some pretty special moments around here. This bobcat was walking down the road and stopped to pose for me. Pretty neat hugh? We have seen so many different animals around here in the last month because we have so much snow in the mountains they have all moved down for food. Have a good day.

Posted by Anonymous A. on 01/24/2008

Thursday, Jan 24, 2008
We woke up to another skiff of snow and cloudy skies.  These small snows have kept coming all winter so the ground has not been completely uncovered sinced early December.  Tomorrow Regin, Blake, and I will set up camp on Sand Creek.  We will use this camp to help monitor the cattle and the temporary electric fences that keep them in.  The tent is an insulated wall tent, so with a couple of wood stoves, it should stay pretty toasty.  The entire buffalo herd is grazing in the Little North Meadow which I can see from the office-  Quite a sight! 
Posted by Jeff G. on 01/24/2008

Tuesday, Jan 22, 2008
What a nice day. I was in the high twenties with a slight breeze. We have been seeing a lot of wildlife on the ranch in the last month or so. We are pretty sure that a fox is living under the deck at the lodge. Today we weaned the baby colt for good. She was pretty much weaned except for being apart from her momma. We placed the filly in with another horse and place them in a seperate pasture. We will keep them seperated for a month or so. Take care.
Posted by Anonymous A. on 01/22/2008

Monday, Jan 21, 2008
Posted by Anonymous A. on 01/21/2008

Saturday, Jan 12, 2008
Today was maintenance day on the ranch. Not very exciting but important to keep everything running properly. I finished up covered in grease and my cloths were soaked in gas. I really dislike changing fuel filters. At least it is done and everything will be good to go for most of the season. Later all.
Posted by Anonymous A. on 01/12/2008

Friday, Jan 11, 2008

This is a picture of when we left the corrals to go gather the Big South pasture and move the cattle to the Medano Headquarters. It was a long day but fun was had by all. Happy trails Tony, Ping Jaa, Paige, Euan, Niesje, and April.

Posted by Anonymous A. on 01/11/2008

Thursday, Jan 10, 2008
Hey there everyone. It was another chilly day yesterday. We had below freezing temps with heavy cloud cover and snow off and on all afternoon. We drove the cows that we pregnancy checked north about five or six miles than we broke out into groups of two people and drove part of the cattle to different areas of the pasture to try to locate them so they didin't wander. The group that Louis and I drove out consisted of about 150 head and we drove them about a mile from the water and most of them laid down so I would guess it was successful. There was six of us on the drive and we all were able to experience something that no one else was doing that day. We drove 550 head of cows and calves through a herd of bison. It was a neat sight. My green broke horse did fantastic. He is really starting to feel me and it was a pleasure to ride him. I am anxious to see what the next ride brings. Happy trails.
Posted by Anonymous A. on 01/10/2008

Tuesday, Jan 08, 2008
We have had a great couple of days working cattle and the weather has been fantastic. Yesterday we had a long cattle drive where we gathered our cattle out of the Big South pasture and drove them to the Medano Headquarters and sorted the calves. Today we pregnancy checked the cows and sorted off ones that will not have a calf this year. 
I have been able to put a lot of miles on the green broke geilding that I have been riding. He has come a long ways in the last six months and I feel like today we crossed a boundary. When a person places themselves into the circle of a horses peers that horse starts to treat the person like a member of their herd. Today I felt like he finally accepted me as an adequate herd mate. In the past he has never hardly acknowledged my presence unless I had him seperated off from the other horses. Today I was standing outside the corral where he was and I called out to him and he walked over to the gate and allowed me to scratch his head and neck. He was content by my presence. It was a fantastic moment.
Posted by Anonymous A. on 01/08/2008

Sunday, Jan 06, 2008
Another beautiful day on the ranch. The largest percentage of the snow has melted and it looks on the forcast that we are going to have a great week of cattle work. Today we moved the last of Baxters' cattle back the Antelope. Without the snow the grass looks good enough to last them to the end of the month. Have a great evening everybody.
Posted by Anonymous A. on 01/06/2008

Saturday, Jan 05, 2008

We finally got above freezing today. We also had high winds and it melted a lot of snow. We sorted cows and moved 110 head to the Big South. We also had a family arrive to work on the ranch for a few days. It should be a lot of fun.

Posted by Anonymous A. on 01/05/2008

Thursday, Jan 03, 2008

Sorted and shipped the weaned heifer calves. We still have a load of steer calves to load out tomorrow. We also pulled the bulls out and sent them home. A nice day to be  in the Valley. Have a good day.

Posted by Anonymous A. on 01/03/2008

Wednesday, Jan 02, 2008
I hope everyone had a great holiday season!
We brought in the Baxter cattle today and weaned the calves. It was hard moving them because the snow was so deep in places and there was a hard crust on the top. Even with the slow going it was a good day to be horseback.
Posted by Anonymous A. on 01/02/2008

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